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Sustainable Food System


Over the next 30 years, global demand for agricultural products will grow by as much as 50 percent. Yet, already, agriculture accounts for around 70 percent of the world’s fresh water consumption and about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. It also contributes to deforestation, biodiversity loss, and land and water pollution. While farming drives rural development, some agricultural regions are also impacted by poverty, inequality and human rights abuses.

Agriculture is the foundation of the food system and the root of PepsiCo’s business. To make our foods and beverages, we use more than 25 crops sourced across 60 countries, and support over a hundred thousand jobs in and throughout our agricultural supply chain. This scale and reach means the standards and practices that we employ and promote can influence the environmental, social and economic impacts of agriculture around the world.

Our Next Generation Agriculture strategy aims to drive progress in making agriculture more resilient, intelligent and inclusive.

In Australia and New Zealand we partner with our potato growers and suppliers to support sustainable agriculture by identifying and sharing best practices and investing in new technologies.

Learn more about our Agriculture goals: Next Generation Agriculture