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Australian Made

Smith’s manufactures the majority of its products in its factories located in Australia. Most major raw materials like potatoes* and corn are also sourced locally from growers around Australia.

Fresh from paddock to pack


Plant a potato seed that's specially selected for "The Original and the Best" potato chips.

step 1


Pick and double check it's a top quality spud - only the very best potatoes are selected to make Smith's Potato Chips.

step 2


Deliver the potatoes to our Australian manufacturing plants in special trucks. Smith's uses more than 110,000 tonnes of potatoes each year – that's equivalent to 3,000 truckloads of spuds!

step 3


Wash, peel & slice.

step 4


Cook the potato slices in sunflower and/or canola oil.

step 5


Season with a sprinkle of Smith’s magic!

step 6

* We are experiencing potato supply disruptions due to the flooding of key farmland areas throughout Eastern and Southern Australia earlier this year. As a result, Smith’s may be required to temporarily source finished product from its sister companies within the region. We expect the supply of Australia potatoes to resume in early 2017. In all instances, the country of origin will be labelled on each package.